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A need for custom, high-density power supplies

When a deadline is looming and you need to quickly and reliably design, prototype and deploy a custom power supply into your system, let Vicor Power Systems implement an efficient, power-dense and reliable solution. To meet today’s demanding customer requirements, Vicor Power Systems offers more than just custom design capability. Our engineers — who decades of MIL-STD qualification experience — will work closely with you during the full process from definition and design through manufacturing to ensure you get the most efficient and flexible power supply from source to point-of-load. We have a J-STD-001 and IPC-610 certified trainer on staff, and we are ITAR registered, NIST compliant and AS9100D certified. View our heritage applications and ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Vicor Power Systems team

Engineering and manufacturing professionals who understand the Military market and types of electronic and electro/mechanical equipment

A team that understands unique, cutting-edge technology, utilizing the full resource of Vicor manufacturing, process and design engineering

Professionals who will work with you, the customer, to help solidify your requirements and provide concepts that will make sense, maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and reduce time to market

Project managers who will develop and monitor integrated project schedules and host design/manufacturing/test readiness reviews

Turnkey power system examples

Defense actuators

Life-threatening situations require dependable power solutions to make sure failure is not an option. The ability of the power supply to react quickly to dynamic loads is critical during these situations. 

The power system has five discrete and isolated 33VDC outputs at various currents. It is conduction-cooled and accepts a nominal 50VDC input. The total output power is ~1200W at 86% efficiency in a 62 square inch footprint. It weighs 3 pounds.

Defense actuator

Critical mobile communications

Soldiers need the ability to communicate real-time while in the field and cannot be limited by power sources. Having the ability to either use vehicle power or a generator is essential in the field.  

This AC-DC converter provides both an isolated, always-on 24V output and an isolated, switchable 24V output to the field radios. These radios need to be able to run off of field generators or vehicle power, so the power supply is designed to accept both. The AC input is nominally 115/230VAC 60Hz, and the DC input must be in the range of 9 – 50VDC. The total output power is 400W max. It weighs about 5 pounds and occupies an 11.5 x 5.58in footprint. Its operating temperature range is -20 – 85ºC. 

Mobile communications radios

Autonomous ground vehicle

Delivering supplies to troops in the field autonomously keeps soldiers out of harm’s way. The ability to convert the existing vehicle bus voltage down to sensor voltages while also keeping in mind SWaP-C requirements are key attributes.

This rugged, MIL-compliant device provides the bus voltage conversion needed to power critical sensors and single-board computers. It offers 21 discrete outputs of 12, 24 and 54VDC from a MIL-STD-1275E compliant source. The total output power is 2.6kW. Forced convection cooling allows the device to operate in the harshest environments. 

autonomous military supply vehicle

UAV power supply 

Large drones require a lot of power in order to drive all of the electronics onboard. The source of this power comes from a 3-phase generator that must be converted over to lower DC voltage.

This MIL-STD-704 compliant power supply provides 2kW of power at 28VDC to the load along with a 270VDC 200W output. It weighs 18 pounds and measures 11.0 x 16.0 x 6.4in.

Military stealth drone
Vicor custom power system examples image